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Welcome to the Hack-1 main project page

The current Competiton release is available in the releases page.

2d puzzle game
In this you hack to hack your way through security systems to infiltrate a corrupt organisation. Now updated to XNA 3.0

The game was created for te XBOX36Homebrew competition and has been released as competition code
(As in bad)

Hack 1 continues now as Hack-1 Evolved, an updated and more stable design with realistic goals.
Design Document soon to be published.
I will continue the work on Hack-1 once I've gotten up to speed on more graphical things like Art/Shaders/Moddeling.

Keep up to date from my main blog and my 3D modellng blog

This project will also fall under the "Dark Omen Games" ( group, google for more info

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